bookmark_borderBookmarklet: Compare SERP titles to actual onpage titles and h1 heading

aka: the #titlegeddon bookmarklet

Google has stirred up some dust all around the SEO world with their rewriting of websites’ titles.

SEO folks are now trying to figure out how Google is rewriting their titles.

Fede Gómez, a WordPress developer from Toledo, Spain has come up with a nice JavaScript bookmarklet to be used on Google’s SERP pages. It checks for the actual website’s title tag and compares it to the one shown by Google.

Learn more about my version of this bookmarklet

bookmark_borderSEO tool: Check for Brotli and Gzip compression.

Okay, there are a few tools out there already which do exactly that. But I wanted to give it a shot and see how long it would take me to a) code that thing and b) rank it in Google.

So here it is: My tool to check websites for Brotli and GZip compression.

The coding part was about two hours, and I sent it live on June 1, 2021.