And we have another smartass app rater :)

Yep, we have another stupid one-star-without-comment app rater. Look at “Gebruiker” (first in the list),  which means “user”. He’s from belgium.



Don’t get me wrong: You don’t HAVE TO rate my app with five stars. You are allowed to rate it one star if you think it’s a piece of shit.

But please, let me know why it’s worthless to you! If you don’t open your frickin mouth or, in this case, type at least a few words, I won’t know what to change to make this app worth the price of EUR/USD 0,00 to you.

Why even bother rating it, Mr Brainiac? Why not just fucking uninstall it and go  your merry way?

Well, if I find out who you are, I am blocking you:) Or maybe I should block all users from belgium leaving a note saying “Sorry, one of your guys is a braindead idiot and you all have to suffer :)”


What do you think? What should I do? :D

Kameraqualität des HTC One: Ich bin erstaunt!

Ich habe ja nun seit einiger Zeit das HTC One. Und ich bin absolut begeistert, was die Qualität der in diesem Gerät verbauten Kamera angeht. Das gilt sowohl für Video- wie auch für Bildaufnahmen. Hier mal ein paar Beispiel-Fotos, aufgenommen mit dem HTC One.

2014-06-19 15.42.09 2014-06-19 16.17.31 2014-06-29 15.58.17 old-house-310458 swimming-pool-310448

How my app went from 5 downloads to 1.000 downloads in just two days

Okay, I have to make this post in english, so I apologize to my german readers. If your a dev, you’ll understand :)

Alright, what happened? I have an app on the windowsphone marketplace called AirportSeek. It’s a free app which has been built for just the fun of it. I love coding, and I put it onto the marketplace thinking that it will not be big.

Well, to be honest: it’s not big. Has never been, will never be. It’s an app which is being maintained maybe once per month. Maybe less than that. But then I put a price tag on it. Now the fun starts. How my app went from 5 downloads to 1.000 downloads in just two days weiterlesen