Easy bash-script to switch PHP versions on linux

Every webdeveloper needs to swith PHP version on his/her development setup. While you can do that manually every single time by using sudo a2dismod and sudo a2enmod and then restarting your server, it’s much easier and faster to write a quick bash script to do that for you. Easy bash-script to switch PHP versions on linux weiterlesen

Make PHPStorm and xDebug work together – a quick howto

I have had some problems getting my PHPStorm and xDebug to work properly, so here’s my simple help on that.

Install xDebug on the linux server

sudo apt install php-xdebug

Install the browser plugin from Jetbrains and activate it.

The php.ini on my remote linux server. For me, this is located at /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini .

At the end of the file, I inserted the following:


Then restart the apache server, set a breakpoint in your code and have PHPStorm listen for incoming debug connections.

Change WordPress html lang attribute based on template filename

This might be a rather seldom needed feature, but I need it for my blog (yes, this one).

As I am writing my blog posts in both english (for technical stuff) and german (for all the other stuff), I need to change the html’s lang attribute  to display the correct language code.Learn how to change HTML lang attributein WordPress

Add NoIndex / NoFollow to Magento CMS pages

In your Magento shop, you surely want to exclude some pages from being indexed by search engines. Such pages could be your store’s legal information, cookie policy or anything else you wouldn’t want to show up in the search engine results. Add NoIndex / NoFollow to Magento CMS pages weiterlesen

Apache Cordova: Create a signed release APK – Easy HowTo

To upload an app to the Google Play Store, you need to sign it first.

There are a lot of tutorials out there, some of which are simply overwhelming, to say the least.

Here is my very simple solution to create a signed APK which you can upload to the Play Store.

Learn how to create a signed Android release APK