hreflang checker – a new tool for you to try

Are you working in SEO, and are you checking hreflang connections quite often? Well, so am I.

I’ve built a tool for that. This tool – just like many others, will get the hreflang connections for your page by extracting them from the HTML <head>.

But not just that!

It is also getting the hreflang links from the sitemap, if you prefer to have your hreflangs in the sitemap.

Oh wait, one more thing:

It’s also getting the hreflang links from the HTTP response headers – if you’re hiding them in there.

And to top it off, its checking if the hreflang URLs are reachable (aka HTTP status code 200) and if they also have a return hreflang link back to the page you’re checking (aka reciprocal hreflang links).

Yes, it’s free. Yes, it’s public. Yes, you can use it. And please, if you have any comments: send them my way. Comment under this post or send me an email. Cheers!

Oh, here you go: The link: hreflang online checker