About me

Well, what can I tell you about myself?

I’m a technical SEO Specialist with 10+ years of experience. Before that (and also during my SEO time), I was also working as a PHP developer both inhouse and in agencies. I love building SEO tools for myself in PHP, JavaScript and C#.

Get in touch

If you want to get in touch, you can do so by either sending me an email, hitting me up on Twitter or LinkedIn or by walking by my house in Germany with a beer in your hand (have one ready for me as well, please).

Oh, yeah: even though I am an SEO expert, I do shit SEO-wise on my personal site. :)

Freelancing / Consulting

Yes, I do some freelancing – so if you’re in need of training or consulting, hit me up.

My professional work / where I’m emplyed

I work as a Senior (technical) SEO Manager for Startdowns GmbH in Bonn, Germany.