Devranter – A devRant WordPress Plugin

Devranter is an unofficial devRant wordpress plugin

Download the Devranter plugin for your blog from the WordPress plugin repository

All developers should know devRant by now. If you don’t: Check it out.

The guys at devRant (thanks, David) have granted me access to their „not-really-public“ API – so I took an hour and coded a little wordpress plugin that will let you show devrant rants on your wordpress site.


Devranter requires PHP with the curl extension enabled.
If you get an error, or your page doesn’t load properly after adding a shortcode or the widget, make sure to enable curl on your server.

If you’ve got console access to the server, this simple command should do the trick:


The current features are

  • widget to display a random devrant
  • shortcodes to display both random rants or a rant by ID
  • user templates for the rant layout
  • admin settings page where you can chose to link back to the author (this page)

Important: Do NOT edit the original plugin files!

Any changes you make to the original templates in the „templates“ directory (and the original CSS file) will be overwritten when the plugin is being updated.

Create your own templates!

To create your own templates and style them with your own CSS, simply add your templates (my_template.ctp) in the /plugins/devranter_templates directory. You will find the devranter.custom.css in that directory, too. Use this file to style your templates – or the standard ones. Simply override the CSS classes.

Template placeholders

You can use the following placeholders in your templates



To display a devrant in one of your posts or pages, simply add one of the following shortcodes into your post/page:

Devrant Widget

Yes, there is a widget. It does not do much – it simply shows a random devrant in your sidebar. Just go to the Appearance->Widgets area in your admin panel and drag the „Devranter Widget“ to the place you want it to be at.

There are no widget options yet, but might come in the future.

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