Talking about SEO

During work (as an SEO) as well as during my free time, I love talking about SEO.

Sometimes, I find really cool stuff on the interwebz and want to share it. On other occasions, I build stuff myself and simply put it out there so you can have a go with it.

Either way: In my „SEO“ category you will find cool SEO stuff which you can use in your day to day SEO business.

  • hreflang checker – a new tool for you to try

    Are you working in SEO, and are you checking hreflang connections quite often? Well, so am I. I’ve built a tool for that. This tool – just like many others, will get the hreflang connections for your page by extracting them from the HTML <head>. But not just that! It is also getting the hreflang […]

  • Horseman Crawler – why you NEED it.

    Learn about this wonderful SEO crawler that runs on your desktop. It gives you a lot of new opportunities that you won’t find in any other crawling software.

  • Bookmarklet: Compare SERP titles to actual onpage titles and h1 heading

    Check out this simple SEO bookmarklet to compare websites‘ title elements to what Google outputs in the SERPsw.

  • Add X-Robots-Tag response header to Google Chrome DevTools

    Learn how to add x-robots-tag and other custom response headers columns to your Chrome devtools in just two minutes.

  • PHP-Function: Create slugs from string

    Every website needs to implement readable URLs for internal linking. When you are using a blogging tool like WordPress or a CMS like Typo3, you automatically get the URL slug generator built in. But sometimes, you are developing your own software and are in need of a function that simply generates a slug for you. […]