Talking about SEO

During work (as an SEO) as well as during my free time, I love talking about SEO.

Sometimes, I find really cool stuff on the interwebz and want to share it. On other occasions, I build stuff myself and simply put it out there so you can have a go with it.

Either way: In my “SEO” category you will find cool SEO stuff which you can use in your day to day SEO business.

  • Horseman Crawler – why you NEED it.

    THIS IS NOT MY PROJECT. I am just reporting on it. The creator is Chris Johnson aka @defaced! I have been waiting to be allowed to talk about this literally for months. And the time has finally come. May I introduce: Horseman. Does this world need yet another crawler? Yes. Yes, it does. We finally […]

  • Bookmarklet: Compare SERP titles to actual onpage titles and h1 heading

    aka: the #titlegeddon bookmarklet Google has stirred up some dust all around the SEO world with their rewriting of websites’ titles. SEO folks are now trying to figure out how Google is rewriting their titles. Fede Gómez, a WordPress developer from Toledo, Spain has come up with a nice JavaScript bookmarklet to be used on […]

  • Add X-Robots-Tag response header to Google Chrome DevTools

    Check out how simple it is to see all X-Robots-Tag response headers in your Chrome DevTool’s “Network” Tab.

  • PHP-Function: Create slugs from string

    Every website needs to implement readable URLs for internal linking. When you are using a blogging tool like WordPress or a CMS like Typo3, you automatically get the URL slug generator built in. But sometimes, you are developing your own software and are in need of a function that simply generates a slug for you. […]