Google Sheets for SEO

Google Sheets is a tool I use multiple times per day. I know, some people still use Excel, and I don’t want to convert them to become Google users. But: On this page (and it’s child pages), I will focus on providing you with some cool stuff for Google Sheets.

This list will be worked on continuously, so come over every now and then and check out what I have added. Or, if you’re as lazy as I am, simply go to the sidebar and subscribe to my (absolutely not regularly published) newsletter.

Get HTTP status codes within Google Sheets

So let’s say you have alist of URLs in your Google Sheet and you want to see if they are all available, aka returning a status code of 200. There is a relatively easy solution to this. Here is my guide on how to use Google Sheets to get HTTP status codes for URLs.

Pull website data using Google Sheets

Would you like to scrape a website to get cool data? Or would you like to get a list of a websites‘ pages using their XML sitemap? Easy! Check out how to scrape website data using Google Sheets.