And we have another smartass app rater :)

Yep, we have another stupid one-star-without-comment app rater. Look at “Gebruiker” (first in the list),  which means “user”. He’s from belgium.



Don’t get me wrong: You don’t HAVE TO rate my app with five stars. You are allowed to rate it one star if you think it’s a piece of shit.

But please, let me know why it’s worthless to you! If you don’t open your frickin mouth or, in this case, type at least a few words, I won’t know what to change to make this app worth the price of EUR/USD 0,00 to you.

Why even bother rating it, Mr Brainiac? Why not just fucking uninstall it and go  your merry way?

Well, if I find out who you are, I am blocking you:) Or maybe I should block all users from belgium leaving a note saying “Sorry, one of your guys is a braindead idiot and you all have to suffer :)”


What do you think? What should I do? :D

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