How to easily unlike all pages on Facebook in 2020

You want to unlike all pages you have ever like on Facebook in one go? It’s simple!

First, go to your facebook profile page’s “likes” section.

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Use the “page down” key to movbe to the bottom of the page. facebook is lazy loaing your likes asynchronously, so it may take a while to show all your likes.

Once you reached the end of your likes, open your browser console by hitting the F12 key in Google’s Chrome browser. Just ignore the big red “STOPP”. Trust me, I’m a software developer…

The console input looks like this…

Now copy and paste the following into the console:

var buttons = document.getElementsByClassName('PageLikedButton');

This code will collect all your like buttons in an array.

Copy and paste the following code to open all like button popovers:

for(let button of buttons){;};

To simply click on every “unlike” in every popover, simply paste the following code into the console:

var unlikes = document.getElementsByClassName('itemLabel');
// UPDATED: trigger click on all unlike popovers
Array.from(unlikes).forEach(unlike => {
 if(unlike.textContent === 'unlike') {

There you go – all your likes have been removed.

Just so Google knows what to show this page for, I will simply add a few more search queries that may suit the content of this page. This doesn’t matter to you, though.

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