Word Count Plugin for WordPress

Are you taking care of content production in your WordPress installation? Then this free plugin is for you.

The WordPress WordCount plugin will show you how many word you have written on your blog.

The WOrdPress WordCount plugin in action :)

See your content’s word count in your WordPress overview tables

This plugin will add a new column to your posts, pages and drafts overviews, so you can see the word count of every single piece of content you have created.

The admin dashboard widget

The admin dashboard widget of the WordPress WordCount plugin

This plugin also gives you a little dashboard widget with a quick overview of your written content.

More to come

Yes, this plugin is work in progress. You can expect new features to come in the future. You can always send your feature suggestions to chris@haensel.pro :)

Download the plugin

Head on over to the WordPress plugin repo to download the plugin for free, or search for “CH Easy WordCount” in your WordPress plugin install screen.